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Shipping & Info

Note: You do not need a PayPal account to place an order. All you need is your trusty debit or credit :)

Let's talk about shipping costs!

Sadly, free shipping isn't a thing. As the customer, you might not always be paying for shipping, but somebody is, and for small businesses that can be a huge cost! Postage isn't free. Packaging isn't free. And the time it takes to prepare and ship your order isn't free either. 

Although big companies almost always offer free shipping options, for small business owners, it's not quite so simple. We'll always do our best to keep shipping costs as low as possible for you, while still making sure your precious treasure is nice and snug so it arrives safe and sound!

So please be nice when your small business owner pals can't offer free shipping - it's all part of supporting your fave artists!

Terms of Service

The Magic Makers Shop does not currently offer order tracking. All sales are final - orders cannot be refunded or returned. Magic Makers Shop is not responsible for any customs fees you may be charged upon receiving international orders. All orders will be shipped out on Mondays (or earlier whenever possible). If you have any issues with your order, send an email through the contact page and I will work with you personally and do my best to make sure you receive and are pleased with your order!